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08 Dec 2011

Social Networking The Battle for the Future of the Web

Many technology wars have been fought. Many online battlegrounds have determined future rulers. Think of Microsoft vs. Apple, Oracle vs. HP and Microsoft vs. Netscape. Some companies didn’t survive while others became the titans of the world. And now the next race is heating up. On one corner there’s Google (google. com), the global leader in searches and the organization of information. In the other corner there’s Amazon (, the world’s largest online retail and e-commerce store. And in a third there’s Facebook (, the largest Social Network in the galaxy. What’s at stake? Billions of dollars, the title of supreme master of the web, the right to make the rules and access to your digital footprint. A report from comScore ( logged 734.2 million unique visitors to Facebook making it #1 globally in June 2011, an increase of 33% over the previous year. Meanwhile Twitter climbed its way to the #2 position reaching 144.4 million visitors (up 56%), followed by #3 Windows Live Profile (live. com) at 119.5 million. Professional Social Network LinkedIn (linkedin. com) reached more than 84 million visitors globally to secure the #4 spot, followed by Chinese Qzone ( with 74.8 million.

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08 Dec 2010

Social: The New Media

Back in June 2006 independently owned YouTube ( had 100 million video views per month, Facebook ( was a closed network for college and high school students, and Twitter (twitter. com) didn’t exist. A short four years later and monthly online video streams surpassed the ten billion mark according to Nielsen (nielsen. com) with the average American consumer spending more than three hours a month streaming video. Facebook surpassed more than half a billion users — nearly one out of every fourteen people on the planet — while the new kid on the block (Twitter) shot past 200 million users becoming a powerful tool for political movements, unfiltered news and business.

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