Putting Business Intelligence to Work

Putting Business Intelligence to Work

Jan. 7, 2016

A Case Study: KW Gets Competitive with Reporting

Keller Williams Realty International has built reporting systems into their business model with big results. The company has had a reporting data system since the early 2000s, and recently adopted Tableau® as a visual and interactive data tool to compliment existing reporting systems.

Keller Williams utilizes the reporting system to drive growth by providing a standard set of reports for the entire company. Every franchise owner, sales manager, and office-level administrator has access to reports that are designed for their role in the business. These reports are used on weekly group calls with President John Davis, thus enabling everyone in the organization to share a common language for business metrics and to benchmark across the organization.

“Our reporting system puts the information the hands of business users, and with the addition of Tableau® we have provided a highly visual tool that is easy for them to understand and use”, says Wendy Hale, head of Business Intelligence for Keller Williams Realty International.

Tracking Commercial and Coaching

More recently, the expansion of Keller Williams Commercial has made use of the Tableau® reporting system to track the progress of the commercial division. Using the system, executives can look at the growth of commercial as a percentage of business, and drill down into the details, including maps showing where property sales are and who the top performing agents and offices are. These same tools are used to show potential recruits the value of Keller Williams Commercial and its rapid growth nationally.

Keller Williams is known for its training and coaching, and the Tableau® reporting environment plays a role in determining what programs are effective. The consumption of online training is measured by the system, including the videos and content that are most utilized and by whom. The production outcomes of coaching can be measured and tracked in the system, enabling leaders to determine what programs lead to higher productivity.

Vice president of industry development Cary Sylvester, credits the reporting systems for enabling Keller Williams to be proactive about market changes. “When the downturn hit, we could see what was happening in the entire organization as it happened, and were positioned better to act. Business intelligence allowed Keller Williams to help offices that were in trouble, and to strategically grow through the downturn – and maintain 98% profitability across our franchises.”

Leveraging Tableau and Dashboarding

Keller Williams efforts have been recognized outside of the real estate industry, including winning 2014 Data+ Editors’ Choice Awards. Developing business intelligence via comprehensive reporting has been a very smart strategy for the company, supporting its growth with the right analytics and intelligence for business people at all levels in the organization.

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Copies of the report available at RETrends.com




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