The Swanepoel Power 200 Deliberation

Dec. 10, 2015

Input, Facts, and Stats

After 200 hours of research, on almost 1,000 of C-Leaders within the real estate industry, eight members of the SP200 Editorial Committee got together this past weekend for a 20-hour showdown debate to deliberate and identify the most powerful people in the industry. Take a look at the video below for a time-lapse of the 20-hour showdown!

The Swanepoel Power 200 rankings are based on qualifying criteria and evidence of the personal and organizational power of each candidate. To be considered for this year’s list, an individual leader’s organization had to meet at least one of the following criteria. Note that qualifying alone is not enough to make the list, since qualification only means an individual may be considered for the list.

Leaders of brokerage companies that had more than: $2.5 billion in sales, or $10,000+ in transactions, or more than 500 agents.

Leaders of technology companies that have at least: 1,000 broker clients, or 50,000 licensed agent users, or $30 million in revenue, or 100 employees, or Raised 20M in funding, or have two or more enterprise (National franchise, qualifying association) client relationships.

Leaders of other organizations that had more than: 100,000 members as a State Association, or 20,000 members as a local Association, or 40,000 members as a MLS organization.

64 second video showcasing a 20-hour timelapse

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Once an person has been identified, they are evaluated on several factors. The first step is to evaluate the individual’s personal power and influence via the position/office he or she currently holds and the decision-making power of said office; his/her tenure in the industry; and his or her activities outside their organization.

The second step is to evaluate the organizational power of the said office. This includes reviewing includes items such as: the size (revenue, sales volume, offices, agent count, number of clients/students/readers, etc.) of the organization the individual is an executive in; the financial resources of said organization ; and the organization’s role and capacity to effect change in the residential real estate brokerage industry.

Checks and balances include verifying potential power players against large company org charts, the top franchisees of all major brands, a list of top independent brokerage companies, leading women in the industry, people of diversity, people moving from one company to another, new appointees as well as high profile media announcements.

People who have been included in the SP200 have earned their spot and are well deserving of their ranking. We salute their leadership in their respective organizations and their overall contribution to the industry!

Be on the look out for full details of the 200 Most Powerful People in Residential Real Estate (The SP200) mid January.




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