2016 Swanepoel Trends Report

Possible Key Issues Analyzed in this Year’s Report

Multiple Listing Services

Is Project Upstream and the Broker Public Portal two great strategies to save the real estate broker, or is this simply a waste of millions of dollars with a doubtful outcome? The T3 team analyses the probability, timing and impact these initiatives could have on the real estate business.


Election years are not all created equal and the next one is going to be a big one. With a race for the White House, and some 800 candidates on the ballots, there are many key changes on the political horizon. We look at the most likely outcomes and what the impact could be on the real estate business.

Big Data

Time for brokers and agent to learn how to harness the power of big data. The 2016 Swanepoel Trends Report investigates the immense power of predictive analytics and how it can be optimized in real estate. Some great case studies illustrate different options.


Technology is constantly evolving, and exciting innovations are announced every week in the news. There is way too much for you to digest, or even consider. Put your mind at ease as the T3 Team reviews the white noise, PR, and advertising to find you the technology that matters most.

Lead Generation

The industry has too many online leads. Every month tens of millions leads float around while the industry, in that same month, barely closely a half a million home sales. With that, some agents are making a killing off of leads. It’s all about lead conversion and having the team to make it happen. The T3 team inspects numerous successful recipes to bring you the secret sauce.

Smart Homes

The future that previously seemed over the horizon has now arrived. In 2015 a rapidly expanding array of devices and applications make homes intelligent beyond our wildest expectations. We look at the best smart home devices and appliances of 2015 and provide REALTORS® with a list of things to know and be on the look out for when talking to consumers.

Independent Contractors

Just when you thought it was safe to go back and sell real estate the same way you always have–maybe its not. Lawsuits, and recently the Uber class-action suit, set the stage for a fierce battle over possible misclassification of independent contractors. Agents, you are not out of the water yet. We will tell you how best to prepare and/or protect yourself.


The largest real estate fund tops $15 billion. Investment companies are building real estate empires in housing, shopping centers, and office parks around the globe. Real estate franchise networks continue to grow on all continents, while real estate portals in each country are also redefining home search. We explain why global is the new local.

Generational Shifts

We have heard a lot about Gen X and Gen Y so we are no going to rehash a dead horse. But did you know that the oldest X’er has turned 50, and that both X and Y generations are moving into leadership positions in real estate with a vengeance? They already impact the real estate workforce. We detail how you should learn to play in this new sharing economy.


The commercial side of the real estate industry has approached us and asked if we could start providing quality information to this sector of the industry. The answer: yes we will. A D.A.N.G.E.R. Report for the commercial industry is underway and we are expanding future editions of the annual Swanepoel Trends Report to include a chapter on Commercial Real Estate.

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The Swanepoel Trends Report has become the most widely read and respected annual trends report in the real estate industry.The annual Swanepoel Trends Report provides more research, more objective strategic thinking, scenarios, stats and solutions about changes, trends and business models impacting the residential real estate industry. If you are a serious professional in the real estate industry on any level – broker, owner, manager, franchisor, franchisee, technologist, association/MLS executive, association leader or top producing agent – this is the most comprehensive analysis you will get.


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