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2013 Swanepoel Trends Report

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Pub Date:

2013 Swanepoel Trends Report
$149.95 US

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USA & Canada Only. No International Shipping

Table of Contents

  1. Berkshire Hathaway Takes Another Huge Step Into Real Estate
  2. The Real Estate Office of Tomorrow
  3. The Gentle Revolution
  4. Do We Really Want a National MLS
  5. The Value Proposition of Brands
  6. Redefining Real Estate Professionalism
  7. Revisiting Organized Real Estate
  8. Rescuing Homeownership
  9. On the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff
  10. Salvaging the Housing Market

2013 Trends Covered

New winners emerge both online and offline:

  • Big move by Berkshire Hathaway
  • Three choices to create the office of the future
  • What big data, MLS and national data bases
  • National, regional and local real estate brands
  • Fiscal cliff, MID and the housing market

and more…



Are We Heading in the Right Direction?

Wherever the number of home sales goes up, home values follow a year or two later. Well, sales numbers are nudging up and in 2012 rising home values already pushed nearly one million homeowners above the low tide mark. That, my dear real estate professionals, is a strong confirmation that we are heading up. Now we just need to stay away from those cliffs!


Is Real Estate on the Precipice Too?

The political squabbling will most certainly have an effect on the economy in 2013. With significant numbers of Americans already facing difficult personal financial challenges the continuing blame game has reached beyond the irritation stage for most of us. Meanwhile we know it’s going to have substantial and far reaching implications for residential real estate industry. Join us as we analyze both sides so you can be better prepared.


Is Government For or Against It?

There is a long history of federal involvement in homeownership in the United States. Notably we are the only large developed county in the world in which the government plays a significant role in housing. And now, once again, it is getting involved. This time the Mortgage Interest Deduction is destined for modification. Right or wrong? You decide after reading this trend chapter.


Love Me, Leave Me or Sue Me?

Last year On the Brink of Irrelevancy was our #1 trend. What a perplexing and mysterious year it’s been for Realtor® associations since that time. This year we review the unexpected and noteworthy court cases, the scenarios identified, do a little introspection and then, given the other trends discussed the year, look at the impact on the future of Realtor® associations.


Hello, Capital. Are You Coming In?

And so the debate continues: Professions, Professionals or simply being Professional. Who really cares? Being a real estate professional is not dead, but capital and investors are redefining the rules regarding how you will work and play in the future. The slowly adjusting real estate business model that has resisted change for too many decades and now needs to pick up pace or it will be left behind, along with those stuck it.


Do Brands Matter in Real Estate?

Brands… those symbols or names that identify personal or company products and services as distinct from others. Strong brands have the ability to influence the choices made by consumers and power to generate profits for its owner, while other brands fade into obscurity, sometimes due to no more than the luck of the draw. And in the fierce battleground of real estate, what does a brand really mean? We analyze exactly that.


Do We Really Want a National MLS?

Which of the current stakeholders, franchises, brokers, agents, associations or vendors are really motivated to create a national MLS? What is the real danger that could threaten the existing structures and the very lucrative and mysterious world of MLS? Join us for a candid and deep dive as we try to find the answers on this reoccurring and provocative question.


What Happens When Smart Young Buyers Connect with Wise Old Realtors®?

Quietly we have experienced the most dramatic and widespread changes in consumer behavior since the mid-70s. As a result, we have evolved consumers who are no longer vulnerable nor in need of third-party protection. They are bright eyed, computer savvy and very well connected. Whether a matter of history, poetic justice or divine intervention, real estate is the next big American business economy to undergo the consumer revolution.


The SAT Selections: Starbucks, or Target?

Large bullpen zones, dividers, a plethora of top agent offices along the windows, oversized conference rooms that double up for training facilities and back office MLS tech rooms are all yesterday’s news. Hello to uncluttered and inviting reception areas with high tech viewing lounges and see-through glass walls. However, virtual offices with cloud computing and enormous one-stop Superstores with everything also are on high demand. Agents, your choices have never been so good.


Merely Big Investment or is this a Game Changer?

For a almost two decades residential real estate has only had to contend with one really big colossus in the industry, but in October 2012 that changed when the “Oracle of Omaha” made a very strategic move and significantly expanded the scope of his existing real estate brokerage portfolio. Even more noteworthy is the unexpected decision to attach the highly respected Berkshire Hathaway brand to real estate agents. This is our take on what this means to you.


Sold Out
Bulk discounts are available:
1-4 reports: $129 per report
5-10 reports: $109 per report
11-25 reports: $99 per report
26-50 reports: $89 per report
51-100 reports: $79 per report